CAD Services

Sketch Cube Design offers a variety of CAD services to aid you with your idea. These services are entirely tailored to your needs, greatly enhancing the possibilities of the final product. We offer our services to individual as well as companies. Our services are centered on four key areas:

  • 3-D Solid Modeling
  • 2-D to 3-D CAD Conversions
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Parametric Modeling

Our engineering, design knowledge and expertise empower us with the correct tools to provide quality services to our clients. Take a look at our services to learn more about Sketch Cube Design’s offerings.

3-D Solid Modeling

At Sketch Cube Design, we offer 3-D solid modeling solutions. Whether the idea originates from a paper sketch or an old CAD drawing, we can replicate it and bring it to life via a full 3-D computerized model. 3-D models provide the best way to convert your envisioned idea into a reviewable tangible product without the associated cost of manufacturing. These models are fully customizable during and after the design process, providing the full flexibility of meeting your needs and future design changes.

2-D to 3-D CAD Conversions

Old, unclear, and outdated prints can usually be a hassle and cause delays in the manufacturing process. The process delay is due to the fact that engineers have to spend time finding missing design information in order to fully understand how the end product should look like. Sketch Cube Design offers conversion services from old prints into full 3-D models. Furthermore, we can provide new 2-D drawings, ready for manufacturing, based on the converted 3-D models. This is usually the de-facto standards for customers that possess original drawings and would like to convert them into 3-D models and newly associated drawings for later use.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is very useful to re-create items from their current nonfunctioning state, as long as enough information can be gathered from them. Whether it is a broken part or an item that can no longer be obtained due to discontinued status, Sketch Cube Design can help with reverse engineering the item and creating a full 3-D model and associated 2-D drawings ready for manufacturing.

Parametric Modeling

Parametric modeling provides the flexibility of performing real-time and on the fly customizations to a model and having its associated drawings updates automatically. This concept streamlines the process of incorporating last-minute user modifications and demonstrating their effects on the model itself. Although the implementation of parametric modeling can, initially, take longer design time, the possibilities are endless due to availability of different versions of the same model.